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 Changes are underway at many clubs, some have disappeared, others updated or rebuilt, Welcome to the new age - Click the Images above to enlarge, get a FREE Pass to the new Spearmint Rhino in Carter Lake Iowa or pull it up on your phone & show doorman.

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October 2013 - Activity seems busy in the clubs recently.  I have several inquiries from people considering opening new clubs in the state.  And there is discussion about legislation that is before the state to regulate clubs.  This article came out and is the most detailed explanation of the different parts and how they all affect everyone.  Thanks.
We are doing Social Marketing for some of the clubs and also internet research and updates and also clean up.  There is an amazing amount of things out there on the World Wide Web and there is more blank spaces and bad information.  We are offering services to update and clean up your club and greatly improve your appearance on the internet.  Contact us if you would like us to work on your clubs Presence on the internet.

Here is more of interest to read about different states and their regulation status  and earlier this year

March 2013 - After finally making a decision on the case involving the city and Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg, Iowa new laws are currently being passed.  This week it passed in the house and next will have to pass in the senate.  I am not sure of the details on this but it will affect the entire state.  So please be away of this:
Cities and counties would be empowered to regulate strip clubs under legislation that won House approval.  House File 359 aims to clarify that live nude performances are not the same as sexually explicit materials and may be regulated locally. The distinction was made necessary by a state Supreme Court ruling last year which classified live nude and seminude dancing as a sexually-oriented “material” just like a book, magazine or video.  That interpretation prohibited local governments from enforcing ordinances regulating such performances, because explicit materials can only be regulated by the state. 
Bill to oversee strip clubs clears Iowa House, goes to Senate

Kansas Legislature Votes Down Strip Club And Lap Dance Regulation:  this week March 16th

 For over ten years I have maintained several networks on the internet of all the strip clubs in the Iowa area.  My networks have been highly commended and praised by user of both customers and dancers wanting information about clubs and placed to work.  Every week I get calls from travelers wanting to know about the clubs in the area where they are staying at and lots of calls about where to go for bachelorette parties and birthday parties.  At one point I was doing websites for half the clubs in the area years ago and the small amount that I got paid at least paid for my time and work.  Then My Space came along and everyone could build their own websites,  Then Iowa Knights, now Midwest Nights, came and caused more of the clubs to drop their website and now face book is the greatest thing and it's all free.  At this point the clubs want to be part of the networks I have and maintain and that I pay for but no one wants to donate any money for all my work, so very soon I will be dismantling the networks and leaving everyone to fend for themselves. 
My networks will be going up for someone to take over if someone wants them and has new ideas of how to make them generate some money.  I no longer will be doing all this for FREE.  Thanks for your patronage.  Sincerely, Rex

article photo February 2013 - I am preparing to do the last updates on this network.  Another club in the network that closed last summer in Council Bluffs has been bought by the city and the building torn down.


Nov 2012 - NEW Theme Room is now open at Shakers in Waverly, NE In Council Bluffs Mickey's Razzel Dazzel closed this past summer.

 More news: from the director - Iowa Strip Clubs .com 

Aug  2012 - Something new is being added to this network as it seems to be the current source of news and events and information from the clubs in our area.  We already have a network on face book for clubs and theaters.  I keep getting calls and messages asking if this club or that club has a face book profile because they can't find it.  So we are going to be adding a page of links to any club that has a face book profile.   Face Book links  If  you frequent a club please let them know about this and to make sure they provide information to us. 

July 28th, 2012 - addendum: Just received word that the Iowa Supreme Court ruled on the nudity ordnances in the case with Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg  this is one of the news stories on the ruling. 
and this one with more legal details:

July 2012 - Several changes have went on over the past few months.  We are still awaiting a decision on the judge's hearing that was held in Council Bluffs regarding the classification of clubs and theaters and art galleries and what is allowed to transpire in them.  It is my understanding that this decision will affect every club in the state.  I'll post more on this soon as I hear.  Shakers, NE in Waverly Nebraska is one of the first clubs in the country to get one of the new  .XXX websites  From the facebook network see there is new club in Davenport now Secrets World Class Cabaret.  And the biggest news is that Sarie's International in Carter Lake, Iowa which is actually on the other side of the river close to the Omaha Airport has been taken over by the new owners.  Remodeling is being completed and facilities are now open by Spearmint Rhino as Spearmint Rhino Bikini Bar and The Rhino BYOB Lounge.  Since I do not travel the vast areas of Iowa and visit all the clubs I rely on your e-mails to keep me informed of new things in the state dealing with the clubs and theaters.  It is my understanding that Sherrie's Showclub closed last year and the building is now a community center.  Any information that I have wrong please let me know and new happenings with an e-mail to:   New phone numbers will be posted on the Map of all Clubs page and the Phone List / Booking page.  Thanks, Rex

Map and Addresses of All Clubs

100 Ladies

Phone list of all clubs - booking info

 Face Book links

50 club photos

November 2011 - Finally the Missouri River is down and Interstate 29 and all the ramps are now open.  Hamburg Theater is fully open and access to it is fully available.  See there new building decor and visit their club.   Also some bad news - another club in our area / network has closed after 50 years Jolly Rogers in Rock Island closed November 1st.    A new manager Electra is now at Big Earl's in Des Moines.  I have been doing some traveling and stopping at some of the clubs throughout our network - most have been nice but some are just rude and unprofessional.  Was asked to add another club to our network in Nebraska, Waverly at Shakers.  We are just completing a website for them with additions still to be added The Amsterdam in Davenport is under new ownership - management as of this summer.  So stop and visit your clubs and theaters and keep me informed so I can post it here.  And look for our network on facebook and add us.  Do a search for Iowatheaters   (space)  Andclubs.  Club Shakers in Lamont has been doing theme weekends with the dancers all wearing outfits and makeup and hairstyles to fit the theme.  Definitely worth seeing.

September 2011 -  Thanks to those of you sending me updated info on the clubs.  The biggest news is that Shotgun Geniez / Hamburg Theater managed to not be under water because of the emergency new levee that was built at the last week before the Missouri River flooded from Sioux City all the way in to Missouri and putting many part of Interstate 29 under water.  Finally the river is going down and Shotgun Geniez after some remodeling and decorating has reopened.  Interstate 29 is still closed and the highway into Hamburg from 29 is still under water but you can come in from other routes.  The building is also getting some exterior  remodeling and new entertainers are coming to work there.  Was recently notified that Sherrie in Omaha closed several months ago.  This network - Iowa Strip Clubs Network is all clubs in the state of Iowa and it's  surrounding area is soon going to include Nebraska's first and still only Nude club and we will be adding it to our websites here.

Please send me notes and keep me undated at to what's going on in the theaters / clubs in our Iowa area.  Sincerely, Rex -

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