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July 2011 -  Some of my recent contacts with new information from various clubs:  Charlie's Angles is the new club build after the floods destroyed the three clubs in Gulport, Illinois across the river from Burlington and is looking for more new girls.  The flooding continues all along the western border of Iowa leaving clubs there underwater from Sioux City to Hamburg.  The Fantasy Theater in Waterloo on Airport Road is running good and continuing to remodel / expand it's areas in the building with the latest being a complete Private party room with it's own stage and seating.  You can call and book the room for your next group party.  Woody's Showclub in Cedar Rapids has finally gotten it's verdict and is done with their case by the city for underage girls at the club.  The club has been having great success with it's Porn Star Ball events.  Check with them for the next one and go see this huge event.  The former Links / Amsterdam Club which is now Teasers in Davenport is now under new management replaceing the manager that has been there for the past year.  Stop in and check it out.  The new Vip Club Directory 2011/12 just came out this month.  I worked with the publisher this year to get clubs that have not been in business for year taken out of the directory.  But the new directory only has about half of the clubs actually listed in it.  They are trying to start a Social Network at:  and you can buy a copy of the new directory thru there.  And don't forget our new network on face book "IowaTheaters   AndClubs" VIP-Cover-2011

June 2011 -  Several things with three different locations in opposite corners of the state.  First off Shotgun Geniez / Hamburg Theater is closed as of June 3rd due to the Corp of Engineers evacuating the entire town of Hamburg due to impending flooding of the city from the Missouri River.  Flood levees have already been breached once and the Corp expects waters to high for the levees.
The city is under evacuation at this time including the club there.  If levees break the city will be under water for over two months.  Plans are to rebuild after the waters recede.  Please check and we will notify as soon as club can reopen.  Currently the Entertainers from Shotgun Geniez are working at Shakers in Waverly, Nebraska.
Next is a new location for Performers in West Union in northeast Iowa at the location of the Echo Valley Speedway in the Echo Valley Reception & Banquet Center but at this time performers / dancers are only on Friday nights.   Owner is Lee Hansmeier and probably can be reached at (563) 568-4881 or e-mail at:
Next is Gunner's Bar and Grill in De Sota, Wisconsin just across the river from Lansing, Iowa.  This location recently remodeled and put in a huge stage and features Entertainers on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays.  The bar is open the rest of the week and also has a campground and does music concerts during the summer.   The info I have so far is (608) 648-3630

February 2011 -  Things are changing again and thanks for the letters to keep me up to date on some things.  I was informed that during the floods from a year ago that all three clubs in Gulfport were destroyed.  And that there is one new club that has been built there named Charlie's Angels.  Also have been told that The Chorusline in Davenport was reopened and that there is an adult book store in the rest of the building - but I have not confirmed all that.  Also have been told that the Amsterdam Club has a new manager but can't seem to get any information on it but thing it is now called TeaZers Gentlemen's Club.  Also have been told that the Body Shop has new owners.  If any of this information is wrong please let me know.  We have started another new Network on Facebook so if your a club or work in the business please join the network - the network is for You.   Just search " IowaTheaters  AndClubs " and look for our pink artwork.   

November 2010 - Due to urban renewal in downtown Omaha Good Fellows was forced to move this summer to a new location.  After the move they ended up closing.  The overhaul economy has effected the strip clubs and theaters over the past two years the same as many businesses.  The Amsterdam in Davenport is under new management this fall.  The newest thing in some of the clubs is the Bed Dances - a little expensive but a new treat to try if you have the funds.  New owners of Bookem Danos in Denison report business as very good.  Shotgun Geniez theater in Hamburg under the name of Hamburg Theater is out looking for new customers and new entertainers.  Woody's Showclub in Cedar Rapids has been filled with big promotions including their PornStar Ball - quiet an event to attend.  There are only two clubs that feature Male dancers and one is Woody's for male amateur night once a month and Club Dipstick in Council Bluffs in the same building as Club Lipstick.  In Waterloo Flirts has a new manager and if you haven't been in after the flood destroyed it you need to see this beautiful remodeled club.  Their sister club down the street was also remodeled this fall and the name changed from Sapphires to Risque.

June 2010 - Another club has closed, The Box Office / Isabelle Queen in East Dubuque has closed as a Strip club due to the city ordinances and converted to a regular bar.  The new name on the former River Queen is now Looney Tunes.   Northern Exposure north of Davenport at Mt. Joy which changed it's name back to SO-CO is doing some more remodeling and a small expansion.  The Amsterdam is in transition with it's outcome unknown at this time - but still open and operating.   If your looking for something totally new to do in July consider attending the three day event shown below in Chicago.  This is an event you will totally enjoy.  Look at their site and see all the stars and celebrities that are going to be there plus live broadcast by Playboy TV and lots more.  This is an event for both singles and couples - plan to attend for at least one day of this first of it's kind SEX convention in the Midwest.

March 2010  Part 2 -  More new News - Thanks to phone calls and e-mails from everyone.  Sapphires in Waterloo will close for couple days at the end of March for remodeling and will reopen as Risques on April 2nd.  In East Dubuque the River Queen has closed as a Strip Club and changed to a regular bar.  Plans are indefinite and may relocate in the future.  All business has transferred to their other club the Box Office now with more girls and more space. 

At the first of the year Northern Exposure switched back to the name it's location was long know for - So-Co and has been doing some promotions to let everyone know they are still " Iowa's Best Kept Secret " with the best selection of girls and with the new Private booths and the weekly specials they are a deal you should not pass up.  Booken Danos has a whole new staff of Entertainers and has added snacks, pizza and hot sandwiches.  And it has just been brought to my attention by the local TV that my information  was wrong and Woody's trial date has been moved to June, see information at
And we are looking for New models to use here on our / your website.  If you want to be a star here contact me. 
After the first of the year Hamburg Theater started being open on Sunday also - now seven days a week.

Any more new News please let me know so I can post it.

March 2010 - Thanks to the club owners that have been calling me with information.  First off the Appeal by the county of the case on the Hamburg Theater by the country attorney to the state has been reviewed and the verdict stands.  So the case of the drunk 17 year old sneaking into a club and taking her clothes off - the verdict stands.  The Theater was not at fault as it is a theater of the arts.  But the question never seems to be answered as to where the 17 year old got the alcohol from in the first place which was at another location.   The clubs in East Dubuque are still battling with the city over the ordinance that was passed two years ago requiring them to close OR move to a different zone than what they are currently in.  In Denison the new owner Kellie has the main remodeling done and now has new dancers as well as customers and decorating is continuing.  A big change for the new atmosphere.  In March last year a new owner took over Boji Nites in Arnold's Park and has been doing gradual remodeling since.  Most everything in the club has been replaced with new and made better.   Please keep me informed so I can let everyone know.   I am working on adding addresses to all the club listing so you can plug it in to your navigation device that are so common everywhere these days - Map and Addresses of All Clubs page.   We also maintain Iowa Strip Clubs Network on MySpace.  This provides a place to network clubs, dancer resources, and the Professional Entertainers that perform in the Iowa network of clubs.  Guys this is the place to find the clubs and the girls.   If your a dancer / entertainer ADD yourself to this network - customers / guys please do not ask for an add here or the site would be overwhelmed with you.  Find the ladies here and add them to your personal space.
(if any information is in-correct please let me know - Sincerely, Rex  -


2010 - During 2009 there were only small changes.  The Office in Dubuque closed in mid summer.  Diamond Girls in East Dubuque also closed and the latest word is that the Isabel Queen/Box Office will be closing on May 1st this year.   Woody's Showclub in Cedar Rapids won their court case and also Hamburg Theater with their case.   The Fantasy Theater in Waterloo is still open after their legal battle with the city.  Big Earl's took over The Amsterdam Club in Davenport and set up a locations in Marshalltown also.   The Key Club in Denison was sold and the new owner has done extensive remodeling over the Christmas / New Years holiday with a larger bar, bigger stage and a new atmosphere.  The new owner has changed the name back to Book'em Dano and has cleaned the club up.  The Iowa Nights publication sold out and is no longer an Iowa publication and is called Midwest Nights.  Sapphires in Waterloo has new owners and has partnered with Flirts three blocks away with the same owners and shared staff / management.  During the past year I managed to visit more of the clubs on the northwest part of the state.   I have added more photos on the page "50 club photos".  Remember to see the location of all the clubs go to the "Map of All Clubs" page.  And if your a Professional Entertainer go to the "Phone List of All Clubs" for complete booking information.

March 2009 - Some new information from over the past months.  Two clubs have closed and all nude establishments are under the threat of being outlawed in the state of Iowa.  The ChorusLine in Davenport closed and Diamond Girls in East Dubuque closed as far as having entertainers.  Ownership has changed at the Amsterdam in Davenport.  The Gambit in Muscatine is doing good and deserves a visit.  With all the trouble in the Denison club the state is working on new Legislation in the area of Human Trafficking Laws.  Read about the details here.  The club has been up for sale for the past couple months and I am not sure of the current status of it.   If your not familiar with this case - read this article.  One of the clubs that was part of our network Screamin MeeMees also closed down last fall.   The legal case in Hamburg at the Hamburg Theater for the Performing Arts won their case in August but the case was appealed to the state Grand Jury by the county attorney and is now a concern to all theaters in the state of Iowa.  To read detail about this case go to:  This is a very important issue that all clubs/theaters in the state should be part of in supporting them.  Please continue to e-mail me with information:

July 2008 - Flooding in Muscatine, contests at Woody's, new owner in Denison, and a legal battle in Hamburg.  As the state of Iowa fills with giant wind generating towers the number of strip clubs and theaters is still basically the same.  Turning the reason that customers go to strip clubs and theater to see beautiful and alluring young ladies should still be the maintained.  If you want to read about some of what is happening in the legal battle that may affect every club in the state here are a couple links to some news articles on it.  The news has evidently made it to the New York Times.

and that has made it actually worldwide.  More info and stories to follow.   More and more clubs are dropping having a regular internet website and are letting one of their doorman or dancers do a MySpace site for them.  Any professional business hires a professional marketing / internet company to handle their companies image and representation.

August 2008 - More news on the biggest controversy ever that may affect over half the clubs in Iowa.
and a verdict was issued on August 1st 2008,2933,396344,00.html

From this legal issue a new association is being formed to clarify operation issues to make sure clubs are complying to the Iowa Code regarding partial nude or full nude performances by entertainers in theaters and art centers within the state of Iowa.  And to combine the clubs if this case is appealed to state level which will affect half the clubs in the state.  The new association will be "Iowa Nude Art Center Association" and a web site is being set up for the association currently.  If you wish to contact the association currently you may talk to Terry or Clearence thru ShotGun Geniez Theater of the Performing Arts (

April 2008 - Clubs are running the same.  None have closed and the only New is new owners have taken over the former Stilettios  in Muscatine and done remodeling and reopened as The Gambit.  Phone number and contact names are on the Phone List page.  New manager at The Office in Dubuque as well as The bodyshop in Rock Island.  More remodeling has taken place at ShotGun Geniez in Hamburg.  And if you haven't been in the new Northern Exposure (formaerly at Southern Comfort - SoCo) in Mt. Joy just north of Davenport, stop in and see the new expanded facilities.  More space, new private individual booths for every private dance and more.  Open Tuesday thru Saturday with plenty of the best girls as always - stop and enjoy their new atmosphere.  More info to follow.  Rex

October 2007 - Musical chairs - guess that is best way to describe what is going on in many of the clubs.  There are at least a dozen changes in club managers and DJ's jumping from one club to the other.  The newest club is at the location of the former Isabella Queen and is under new ownership as The Box Office.   The Box Office will be running a monthly male amateur contest.  The other place that does a great monthly male night is Woody's in Cedar Rapids.  Northern Exposure (formerly So-Co) is continuing with it's remodeling both on the outside of the building and on the inside.  Northern's hours are open Tuesday thru Saturdays - stop in and see the interior expansion and all the big changes.  Beach Girls in West Des Moines still has the biggest Cash prizes for their Amateur Contests.   Ossys in Carroll expanded their Private area and has had some changes in management also.   The Body Shop is under new management also as well as the LumberYard in both DesMoines and Cedar Rapids.   Amsterdam's Fight Club next to their strip club is doing well with packed house for all events.  Outer Limits also changed managers over the last year and is still a great place for a few drinks and some great Private Dances.  Shotgun Geniez is still bringing in some really hot girls and is under more remodeling on their building with an expansion on the west end.   Our MySpace Network - continues to grow with more clubs and more dancers and more related services.  The Chorusline has their new website up and the new kitchen and eatery area is open for some great food - .   Boss Hoggs in Burlington/Gulf Port changed ownership this summer.   Work is underway to open a new nude club in Dubuque called The Office by the owners of Daisy Dukes.  Keep me informed with your calls and e-mails.  Rex

May 2007  -  Change is what is going on with the Clubs in our Iowa area network.  Carl has been working on building up the staff and customers at The Body Shop in Rock Island.  As you should be aware the Body Shop is under the new ownership of the Big Earl's businesses with locations in Denison, Des Moines, Rock Island and also Ames at the Bookstore on South Duff.  The newest and biggest NEW club is in Mt. Joy.  For years Southern Comfort was managed by Jeff with it's name of So-Co for the past several years.  The building and business was purchased by Jeff and was closed for two weeks the first part of May while extensive remodeling took place.  The club has reopened with the new name being Northern Xposure.  While the NEW club is now open remodeling of both the interior and exterior of the building is still going on.  A totally new entrance was built on along with a live DJ setup, and individual private booths have been added.  Soon new photos and more will be on there website linked from here.  One change to note is they are not open on Monday and Tuesdays now.  So stop in and see the changes - huge and spacious and great new private booths.  After a long process in adding a great new kitchen and dining area the Chorusline under it's new ownership is ready for your food orders.  The Amsterdam is still the king in the in-club Fight events because they have build a permanent fight ring complete with built in seating in a completely separate area within their building.  For some Amateur Dancer Cash ladies contact Beach Girls in West Des Moines and enter their contest - currently the highest paid Cash contest in the Midwest.  The three clubs in East Dubuque are still in reviewing options in their conflict with the new ordnances the city has passed.  Shotgun Geniez has been hosting the performances by several Midwest XXX internet video actors.  These are not your commerical 40 year old porn stars, but the girls next door that have appeared in brand new adult films.  Stop in and see some of these Midwestern stars in person.  The Iowa based Iowa Nights Magazine and Extreme Magazine from north of Iowa area have combined and the publication is now called Midwest Nights.  The new Exotic Dancer Annual Directory is now out with the clubs throughout the country - but our website here is far more accurate (95%) than any other source available anywhere.  I have another 25 girls to add to the site here soon.  Screamin Meemees in Janesville has added a new Private Dance Room, the Gold Room, and is remodeling the former private room also.  The continued expansion of the MySpace Network space is getting great response.  This setup is being run for Dancers to find each other, to find suppliers,  to find some of the clubs that have MySpace sites,  for associated services related to the business.  So all Dancer that have a MySpace site please ADD yourself to this network.  And guys this is the place for find the ladies but "not a place for guys to request an add".  If we had all the guys that are looking for the ladies the site would be huge and the ladies would be lost in it.  And thanks for you phone calls and e-mails to keep me posted as to happenings in the area we cover.   Sincerely, Rex

December 2006  -  The Club in the Cedar Falls area finally got approval from the city but now is waiting for a decision from the state on it being Nude.  The club is open as there is an adult bookstore in the building.  The name has been changed to Landing Strip with the stage in place with performers - topless only at this time.  Remodeling the rest of the club and new furniture should all be in place by the first of the year.  For details or booking to work at the club can be found on our Phone list of all clubs page from the link directly above this.  The Body Shop in Rock Island has partnered with Big Earls from Des Moines and Denison and management will be handled by Big Earls group.  Iowa Nights Magazine celebrated it's first year with a great double issue for it's anniversary issue.  Chorusline was sold and new owners have taken over the club and the entire building.  Remodeling is in progress and a new kitchen is being installed as part of the changes.  Plans are to have the new kitchen working by first of the year and soon the club will be open at 11am to serve lunch.  The Private Area has been changed and more improvements are in the works.  The Amsterdam conducted the first Female Fight Night with a packed house in their new Ring Area in the building.   Our new MySpace open forum site to network from is expanding well -  We have established this as a site for all Dancers, Clubs, and staff to list/add themselves to find each others spaces/sites.  This is not a personal little high school click thing for me - it is for you to find your friends and the clubs you work at.  So Join the Network.  Big Earls Key Club in Denison has been adding Features to their line-up of entertainment.  Our site here is undergoing updating and improvements to better serve you.  Stillettos in Muscatine is OPEN with a change of hours - open Wednesday thru Saturdays and new phone number on the phone list page here on our site.  Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg has been getting lots of new talent with their new club decor.  This club is definitely worth visiting for an evening if your in the area.  If you have more news, please let me know.  Rex  

October 2006  -  If I don't post anything it's because all is well and nothing "new" to report.  But now there is lots of news.  The Club in Cedar Falls finally got approval from the city but now is waiting for a decision from the state on opening.  The big news that has been boiling for six months is East Dubuque Clubs.  Read the article on it at:  But the clubs have till May 1st, 2010 before they will be required to move or close.  And other big news is the Amsterdam Club is starting something totally new with it's first fight club event with "ladies".  The first event will be on Friday November 3th.  All types are being considered - boxing & wrestling but manly looking for martial arts female fighters.  If your interested contact them right away.  More info will be posted on the event as it forms.  Shotgun Geniez has made a big change again with it's continued always on going improvements and remodeling.  Check out the all new interior furniture in both the club and the Private area.  The new round 4 foot diameter rotating chairs are really cool.  Big Earls Goldmine in Des Moines has joined the Iowa Strip Club .com Network with both their club in Des Moines and Big Earls Key Club in Denison.  If you haven't looked at this amazing transformation of  the Denison club - look at their website.  More ladies images and other info has been added to the Screamin Meemees site in Janesville Wisconsin  And the Iowa Strip Clubs .com network is expanding to  We have started this as a means for Clubs, Customers, Dancers, and related people to all list themselves at another central place to be able to contact each other.  So let everyone know and JOIN this network site

July 2006 - Cat Daddy's /Emerald Club that opened the first of this year in Urbana on Interstate 380 halfway between Cedar Rapids and Waterloo closed two months ago.  Club Shakers is getting ready for one of it's big Amateur nights August 11th.  For details call the club at 563-773-8387, ask for John and tell you read about it here.  The state's newest club is fully remodeled and street remodeling and landscaping in front of the club is complete and the club is packed with hot ladies.  This club has transformed from the old outdated basement like club to a spacious new elegant club now with new private rooms and a live DJ booth.  Check this out on their website - click on the photo of the club at the bottom of this page.  The newest club to undergo some updateing and changes is one of the states oldest nude clubs - So Co Theater at Mt.Joy.  Updating of the club website is currently in progress with the addition of some of the ladies that perform there being added to their website.   The River Queen is looking for more fresh faces under the new management of Tim formerly of Club Shakers.  Club phone numbers have changes so go to our Phone List of All Clubs for their new numbers.  If you have news - e-mail it to me please at: subject: strip club news.  Look for your new monthly copy of the Iowa Nights Magazine at most all Iowa area clubs.  To find out more about the publication click on their banner below.   If your a professional entertainer and looking for places to perform - print out our complete phone list of all clubs for easy reference in calling. 

April 2006 - It has not been a good month for Strip Clubs in the Iowa area as far as the News.  It's been one club after another making the newspaper and TV news.  Dolls, Inc from Coralville lost its court battle in the District Court against the City of Coralville on reopening after being forced to close to make way for the new Rain Forest Bio-Done and Convention Center Project.  The Rain Forest pulled out of Coralville because of bad promises made by the city to them and are looking for a new location.  Owner of Dolls appealed to the Federal Courts and the case was thrown out without even being heard.  At this time they are considering possibly a location outside of the city limits or at another location.  The LumberYard in DesMoines had a murder within the club with made headlines everywhere.  The opening of Cat Daddy's in Urbanna has created quite a media hayday both on TV and with a number of articles about Strip Clubs in the newspapers.  The clubs in East Dubuque are being confronted with all kinds of fines, tickets and general ordinance enforcement by the local authorities.  Now for other news - Interior remodeling is mostly completed in Denison at the former Bookem Danos and the club is featuring not only new decor but a new staff of Hot entertainers like Denison has never seen before.  The new club name is Big Earls' Key Club.  Ossy's in Carroll has been picking up new entertainers.  Their new facility is huge and very classy - a great place to take a date or meet friends as the club has about five separate areas including a Karaoke Bar and a Dance floor complete with a live DJ.  Take a look at their website as their is lots to see.  Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg has been getting a steady stream of new faces at the club.  This is one of the most relaxed atmospheres clubs in the state with more of a lounge atmosphere than just a stage show.  Flirts in Waterloo is working on setting up some great promotions for the year under the new management of Te / Tiffany and assistant manager Jody.  The Amsterdam is running lots of Features including Ron Jermery in both April and again in June.  Stilettos in Muscatine is considering with their large building of adding a regular nightclub/dance club in a third of the building.  Wisconsin Dolls is still trying to get thru details with the city to get approval to start construction on their new facility.  Diamond Jim's in Beloit along with some of the best entertainers around is also running monthly Features.  Check out both the regular ladies and the features on their website.   We are currently building a new website for So-Co Theater in Mt.Joy to show off their facilities. Tim formerly from Club Shakers is now manager of The River Queen in East Dubuque.  Club Remodeling is under way and new staff is making some positive changes to the club.  For questions or booking a use to contact and book at the clubs.  t the River Queen or any other club, I have update the Phone List page for Dancers to  use to contact and book at the clubs. 

March 2006 - Again I am waiting to confirm some of my details before posting information but there is a lot happening.  Book'em Danos in Denison was purchased by Big Earl's and the name changed to Big Earl's Key Club.  The newest club opened on Wednesday March 8th in Urbana.  Urbana is half way between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids on interstate 380.  The club has went from the name of Emerald City to the name currently of Cat Daddy's and is currently only open Wednesday thru Saturday and is a nude club.  I  have a phone number on the phone list page and we have started a website with directions and info - just click on the image of the club at the bottom of this page.  Beach Girls is doing great with it's featured entertainers and the hottest new event of their Private Party once a month Sex Show.  Call them for details and it is definitely worth the trip to see.  Diamond Girls in East Dubuque is continuing with their remodeling now with the stage in the middle of the club and more than a full house of top quality girls.  Stop in and see the new layout.  Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg is building a new club just a few miles north of their current location at the truck stop location on I29.  The new club will be called Shotgun Geniez II with an all new building and new furnishings and will be two level.  Iowa Nights magazine is spreading throughout the Iowa area and if your a club looking for a great place to add additional marketing of your club, contact them.  They now have their interstate rest stop distribution boxes out as well as racks in most Iowa clubs.  Check out the current issue.  Remember if your a dancer and looking for places to work - go to our "phone list of all clubs" and print this out - club phones, booking numbers, and the person to ask for to book at the clubs.

January 2006 - #2  There is a lot going on and am trying to confirm my information before posting to make sure it is correct.  The newest  thing in the Iowa market is the Iowa Nights Magazine.  They are being distributed throughout Iowa in the clubs and theaters and also at adult bookstores and other locations.  This is a new and much needed publication as most other areas of the country have some form of a strip club based publication.  We are working with them on this venture and if your not finding it in your local club their website is and you can link directly to it from here.  Also the Amsterdam has joined the Iowa Strip Club Network and we will be posting events here and also adding links to their websites.  The new opening in Cedar Rapids of the LumberYard was to have taken place on Wednesday January 25th.  They have been working hard and long trying to get all the interior finishing touches completed for their opening.  There was a big rumors about someone applying to open a new club in Riverside close to the new casino and hotels being built there.  But what was happening is someone just applied to make the city aware that they had no laws/ordinances on the books to prevent Adult businesses from opening there.  So now the city is working on adding some new laws to prevent this.  If you have new information please e-mail it to me at

January 2006 - Have been waiting for several clubs before I posted new information, but now things have happened.  The very newest at this time is the new club that has opened in Muscatine called Stilettos.  There is a photo of the club at the bottom of this page with a direct link to their website.  We have a website for them and they are  on all our lists.  So check out the new club by stopping in or for information and photos check out their website.   And everyone keeps asking me about Dolls in Coralville.  The owner has assured me that the plans are to reopen.  The big thing is the city condemned the land and tore all the building down to make way for the multimillion dollar Rain Forest Bio-dome Project and last month the project decided to pull out of Coralville and look for another location to build.  The proposed new club in Cedar Falls is still in a battle with the city and will be called the Porche Theater for the Arts.  The LumberYard CR was scheduled to open the end of December but due to construction details opening has been moved to the later part of January.  Dangerous Curves in Ames has their second club open in CampusTown for three day weekend operation and is named Dangerous Curves Too.  The new Stilettos will be running a monthly Amateur Male Dancers night.  Shotgun Geniez is been doing more remodeling and also added a new weekly Amateur promotion.  You should stop in and see it.  We have again updated the Phone list of all the clubs for entertainers to use to call clubs.  Woody's has been packed for their monthly Amateur nighs - both the one for females and also the one for male dancers.  Remember you only have to be 18 to enter the Theaters and BYOB Clubs.  We are also starting to build our 100 ladies page on this site.  And we have updated the Non-Existing Clubs page.  Thanks to all for your help and information.  Sincerely, Rex

October 2005 - Lots of new things are happening.  Over the past month five clubs have joined the Iowa Strip Club network.  We are building websites for them all and posting information for them here.  Bookem Dano in Dension, Ossy's Showclub in Carroll, Bad Girls, Boss Hoggs, and Scooters in Gulfport.  And we are working on websites for three clubs in Wisconsin - Diamond Jim's in Beloit, Screamin Meemees in Jamesville, and Wisconsin Dolls in Wisconsin Dells.  The clubs in Gulfport has been bought by a new owner this summer and are being cleaned up and cleaned out and is looking for additional dancers in their new clean and safe environment.  We are getting photos on all the websites of all the clubs on their websites.  Ossy's in Carroll is in a new location and a totally awesome new building on the east side of town.  The building has two nightclubs and five separate areas in the building.  Check it out on there website.  Woody's in Cedar Rapids is promoting a major ultimate fighting production on November 18th - check their website for details.  Both the Isabella Queen and Diamond Girls in East Dubuque are full of new dancers if your looking for some new faces to entertain you.  Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg is adding new photos for their website in a section called the "Brier Patch".  And on this site we have updated the Map of All Clubs and have most of the information on a print out page for dancers looking for places to work - a page with all the club names, phone numbers and contact person to ask for if your wanting to book at the club and also if there is a special number for booking.  Print this page out and let other dancers know.  Also we are almost complete on "50 Club Photos" and need photos of half dozen clubs yet to complete it.  If anyone could e-mail me photos of the missing clubs I would appreciate it.  So check back as we are updating and adding more info and photos all the time.  Sincerely, Rex

September  2005 - One of my jobs is to try to get my stories and information right and to not report negative gossip that is out there everywhere.  And I try to talk to the club owners and managers and let them tell me what is going on at their clubs.  So keep giving me your info and I will make sure it is correct and post it.  We are currently building websites for Ossys in Carroll and Bookem Dano in Denison.  As most know the LumberYard Group has their new metal building up and closed finally in southern Cedar Rapids.  A new owner has taken over the Links in Davenport and it is now called The Amsterdam Club and is a BYOB club that is nude.  Attempts are being made to open a nude club in the Cedar Falls area and it is meeting strong resistance from the city.  I incorrectly stated that Flirts has a new manager and it should have been assistant manager - sorry bout that. Diamond Girls in East Dubuque has recovered from the major change over this spring to a whole new staff and management and is now back to running a full staff of professional entertainers.  Remodeling of the club will start within two months with some minor remodeling already underway.  Shotgun Geniez is constantly changing with more interior decorating and improvements.  And changes are underway on this site.  But there are some things I need.  We are looking for funny photos that relate to the strip club industry.  Please e-mail them to me and they will be posted on this site.  We will be adding images of 100 ladies from throughout all the clubs to this site under "100 Ladies".  If you would like to be one of the Iowa Professional Entertainers ladies, e-mail me your photo and we will post it.  One of the things I hear a lot in meeting people in the clubs is they are confusing our website with the Strip Club List .com site.  It is the one with the "comment" section which has more bad than good and a lot of really childish people calling each other names.  Forgot to mention that the owner of The Club House passed away earlier this summer and the business closed and the building is up for sale.  Have fun at your favorite club today. 

August 2005 - Our new artwork is here from the graphic designers and we are starting the transformation of this site to a new look.  As for club news - the Body Shop in Rock Island has a new manager and lots of exciting promotions going on.  Woody's had a great and wild first annual golf outing with a follow up at the club. Ossey's in Carrol is in their new location.  Big news is the fire at Pandora's Box first of July in West Des Moines which has shut the club down until further notice.  Plans are to rebuild.  Also just so all know, the owners of Dolls in Coralville, that was torn down to make way for the new convention center, have informed me that they had ground for a new building and are just waiting for legal holdups with the city to rebuild at the new location.  EJ's Legacy is no longer in Ames and new owners have taken over the location with a new club - Dangerous Curves.  Flirts in Waterloo has a new manager - Jody Rife the master DJ and event monitor/coordinator.  Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg is adding new exterior lighting to their building and also an expansion of their entertainer staff.  If you haven't been to this club the interior atmosphere in their Champagne and VIP and Private Dance areas is supreme - ask for a tour.  Diamond Girls under new management since spring is busy with lots of new entertainers and also staff.  The Playhouse has informed me that their new addition is reaching final stages and will open soon.  Sarie International  in Carter Lake, Iowa (Omaha suburb) is nearing completion on interior remodeling of additional  space and will be opening this new area soon.  The American Dreams on the west side of Omaha changed it's name to the Atlantis Club a couple months ago and Yes, Chorusline is open with a full staff and plenty of ladies.  Stop in your favorite club today and e-mail me any new news that is going on.  Sincerely,  Rex

More news:  from the director - Iowa Strip Clubs .com
May 2005 - Spring is here and the clubs are getting ready for a busy summer.  Diamond Girls which is under new management and former manager Rich is no longer associated with the club.  The new Manager, Bob, and the owners are doing a Re-opening promotion this weekend May 6-7 to let everyone know about the changes being made at the club both in management and some remodeling they are working on.  Stop in and meet everyone.  Woody's is preparing for a big first anniversary party on May 18th with special VIP parties, Feature Entertainers being brought in and other special events to celebrate a very successful first year.  Have been traveling during the past month and visited Shotgun Geniez and took new photos of many of their dancers and also am working on new photos to go with a new website for So-Co (Southern Comfort) in Mt. Joy. 

 April 2005 - Activity in the states clubs seams to be very busy for the spring.  East Dubuque's three clubs are bringing in the customers with the new Amateur Contests at both the Isabella Queen and the new Diamond Girls.  Both clubs are bringing in lots of new faces to entertain.  Diamond Girls has replaced it's former manager Rich and has a new website going and a new manager Bob.  The Body Shop has been busy and is working on some spring promotions.  Southern Comfort (So-Co) is working on a new website and the Club Shakers site has been updated with lots of new photos of the ladies.  Tuxedos remodeling is still in process with new individual VIP private dance rooms.  Stop in and check them out.  Chills & Thrills is still upgrading with the new owners and is working on starting a new monthly Amateur night.  Chills is also looking for more new entertainers.  Pandora's Box (just past Beach Girls) is busy with some premium Nude entertainers.  This club since it's remodeling in the fall has a really great relaxed private personal atmosphere.  If you want to get away from the busy crowd to a more imamate mood with nude ladies, stop in and relax.   Woody's is packed and is running different specials, check them out on their website.  Something else new we just added to our website is a page with all the "Lists" - check it out.
Internet Strip Club Lists

March 2005 - There is lots going on with many of the clubs throughout the state.  The Body shop is running a special feature this weekend, March 4th and 5th, Bridget the Midget, feature entertainer and biggest Porn Star around.  New professional entertainer photos are being added to Club Shakers, Isabella Queen and soon The Body Shop and Diamond Girls.  Diamond Girls in East Dubuque has went through a complete management change over.  And we are doing a new website for them and will soon have new information and new photos of the entertainers.  Check out some of their info on the new site for Diamond Girls.  Woody's is still packing in the females for their monthly Male Amateur night.

February 2005 - I'll just give you the rundown.  East Dubuque, Isabella Queen website is pretty much done, with final stages to their new room now open.  Check it out on their site.  Dolls in Coralville is closing week of February 23rd as the buildings are to be torn down to make way for the new Convention Center and the massive Iowa Bio-dome greenhouse.  But they have a new location and are working on building a brand new club to open sometime summer of 2005.  We'll keep you posted.  The Body Shop in Rock Island is under new management for the past month and lots of changes are being made.  Club Shakers is having another big Amateur Contest Saturday March 19th.  If you haven't stopped in the remodeled nude Pandora's Box it is worth the trip.  This is the former Foxy Lady (remodeled and renamed) just past Beach Girls .  And in switching our websites to new servers and a new format many are a mess and I am trying to get them all redone and corrected.

January 2005 - What's New - Our new web server computer equipment is all in and installed.  We have been working on this for a year.  Now we can offer more features to this site and our supporting members sites.  Look for lots of changes that have already been started.  A new page is being added for Dancers, a list of all the clubs with their phone numbers, booking phone and booking contact person.
"Iowa Strip Clubs .com - Clubs with Phone List and Booking Contact"

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